Resort Information


We love to have visitors but here are some things you should know before you arrive:

You must be signed in by a lot owner and the information on file at the guard house. This is for both visitors and guests.
Expect to show a picture id before you are allowed to enter our park.
All vehicles must display a barcode or hanging tag at all times. If a vehicle does not have a barcode or hanging tag it may be towed.
A lot owner is fully responsible for their guest/visitors. Any tickets or damage to the park will be ther responsibility of the owner who signed the guest/visitor into the park.
The Restaurant passes are available at the guard house, but are only good for a visit to the Restaurant. Any vehicle with a Restaurant tag found in other locations within the park will be subject to towing.
Speed limit through out the park is 10 MPH. Tickets will be issued to speeders.